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Full Cover Ski Hat

Full Cover Ski Hat

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Hitting the slopes with this 1 piece full cover Ski Hat is a definitie win. This anti-static cationic fiber is the innovation for the winter hills. Will you get painful with ears/face/neck exposed walking in winter days? Are you get windburnt and freezing when motorcycling or running? Wearing this Neck Warmer is the excellent way to beat a cold winter/windy day!!!
-Protect your face from getting windburnt and my ears freezing.
-Keeps your head nice and toasty.
-Provide ease of breathing through without frosting up.
-The material is extra soft, you can easily pulls it down without feeling all bunched up.
-Made of innovative cationic fabric, anti-static, anti-pilling and wrinkle resistance.
-Provides some protection from inhaling dust particles.
-Suitable for anyone who needs to spend a considerable amount of time outdoors in frigid temperatures, especially if asthma is a factor.
Size:One size
Material: Polyeste


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